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A progressive, measured modality designed to treat trauma-based pain layer-by-layermyofasical release modality

Moving through the layers

The myofascial release modality is a 'soft tissue' massage therapy effective in treating problems with movement (somatic dysfunction) and reverse any restriction of proper body motion and easing pain and discomfort resulting from contracted muscles (hello, frozen shoulder). This modality uses constant palpatory feedback to assist in releasing myofascial tissues.

The idea for application of the myofascial release techniques is to:

  1. help relax contracted muscles,
  2. increase/improve circulation,
  3. facilitate improved lymphatic drainage, and
  4. stimulate the default stretch reflex of targeted muscles and overlying fascia (the soft tissue part of the connective tissue that provides support and protection for most structures in the body).

During a myofascial release session, your massage therapist will use employ their hands, elbows, knuckles (among other tools) to slowly stretch your restricted muscles and soft tissue structures to promote stretching and elasticity of your body tissue structures and/or mobilizing adhesive soft tissues. Expect a gradual, measured release as your therapist applies the technique slowly through the layers of tissue until the deep tissue areas are accessed.

See also trigger-point therapy.


Ready to have healing through all layers?

When ordering a myofascial release session, remember to take notes on what areas need treatment, the nature and origin of your trauma-based pain and to provide feedback during the session.

* NOTE: Remember to drink plenty of water to help your body flush toxins released (I.e. lactic acid).

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